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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How to Quickly Remove Docine.exe Malicious Process?

What Is Docine.exe?

The Docine.exe file – is a malicious process. When it’s active, it will be listed in your Task Manager with some random description. It is defined as a kind of harmful trojan that puts your system at risk. It can enter your system by third malware installation and spam email attachments.

Docine.exe Is Dangerous

  • Docine.exe immediately modifies registry entries and program files. Its’ automatically running and the hold of lots of networking resources and memory space slow down your PC performance incredibly.
  • Docine.exe will even monitor your browsing habits and collect your sensitive data in malicious purpose, including web history, search queries, cookies, redit card details, IP address, email contacts, phone number and so on.
  • Docine.exe can display annoying pop-up advertisements on your screen. It is created by cyber criminals to make money, therefore, it can take you to more risky ads links or contents when you click the ads. Docine.exe is bundled with other malware or trojan horse, it is easily to cause more infection into the computer when clicking on these malicious popups.
  • All in all, Docine.exe is a high-risk Trojan virus. You must eliminate it as soon as possible. The removal instructions will show you how to remove Docine.exe process from your computer.

The Guides for Docine.exe Removal

Method 1: Traditional way to remove Docine.exe(for windows8 users)
Method 2: Automatically remove Docine.exe with SpyHunter (suitable for all PC versions )

Method 1: Traditional way to remove Docine.exe

STEP 1: Uninstall all suspicious programs

1. Right-click at the screen’s bottom-left corner and from the pop-up menu choose “Control Panel“.

2. Open “Uninstall a program” under “Programs” group.

3. Select the unwanted program from the list and choose “Uninstall/Change”.

STEP2: Remove all unwanted extensions from web browsers

The following steps only apply for Internet Explorer, as for other web browsers, the steps are similar.
1. Open the desktop, and then tap or click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar.
2. Tap or click the Tools button, and then tap or click Manage add-ons.

3. Tap or click “All” add-ons, and then select the add-on you want to delete.
4. If the add-on can be deleted, you’ll see the Remove option. Tap or click Remove and then tap or click Close.

STEP3 : Go to C drive, find out all malicious files generated by Docine.exe and then remove them manually.

STEP4 : Open Registry Editor (Press Win key and R key together, type Regedit in the Run Box, and then hit Enter) >>look for registry entries related to Docine.exe and delete them manually.

Warm prompt: many users have reflected that different kinds of problems will appear if they are not careful enough to follow this guide strictly. They became angry and impatient because of the fault removal of important system file and failure in removal operation. Finally, most of them chose SpyHunter to complete the removal process instead of continuing the traditional removal guide.

Method 2: Automatically remove Docine.exe with SpyHunter

STEP 1: Please follow the STEPs to install SpyHunter! Click the button below.

STEP 2: Run its exe file to install the program according to the instruction.

STEP 3: Launch SpyHunter and click “Scan Computer Now!”to start a full system scan.

The scanning process lasts a few minutes, please be patient. When the scan is done, all the threats in your PC are detected.

STEP 4: Choose “Select All” and then click “Remove” to finish all the threats removal.

(Note: SpyHunter is only free for malware detection, the full version of SpyHunter is strongly recommended for better and overall PC protection)

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