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Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to Uninstall PerforMax Cleaner from Windows Computer?

Help! My computer has been destroyed by PerforMax Cleaner! I need your help to remove this crap as my os has been running at its 100 cpu! :( What to do so I can get rid of PerforMax Cleaner?!

What is PerforMax Cleaner?

PerforMax Cleaner is a PC optimizer created by OneBit IT. This program is presented as a useful tool that helps remove hidden tracking files and fix computer errors at the same time so as to make your computer faster and safer. It also eliminates tracking files which is used to track your online activity.

However, this program is considered as unreliable because it has been found to be bundled with 3rd party software and will report false scan results. Therefore, the PerforMax Cleaner is recognized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It is not suggested to keep it on your system. If you do get troubled, you should not hesitate to uninstall PerforMax Cleaner.

How did I get infected by PerforMax Cleaner?

Commonly, PerforMax Cleaner can be downloaded from its official site or affiliated sites. As is mentioned before, it is often bundled to some third party software. So when you install other software to your computer without checking the additional bundles, you will possibly infect with PerforMax Cleaner. There is one thing you should know. This program only provides a paid version, so if you want to use this program, you need to pay for it. This doesn’t mean that it is a bad program. Many paid software provide better services. However, according to some users, they hate PerforMax Cleaner for two reasons:

A: It comes stealthily via third-party software or can be downloaded automatically by clicking dubious ads.
B: It doesn’t offer the same wonderful services as it is promoted and it may report more issues than your PC has so as to get you to buy the paid version.

Why is PerforMax Cleaner unwanted and dangerous?

Firstly, as PerforMax Cleaner gets in your PC, other unknown programs and malicious items can easily sneak into the computer, making your computer slower and causing instability of your system. This suspected PC cleaner can also automatically pop up and run a system scan every time you start up your computer. In this case, you are often unable to stop the scanning process. Besides, it has the ability to change the default system settings of your computer so as to maintain stable living environment. In short, there are more pros than cons to keep PerforMax Cleaner in your PC. If you need help uninstall this program from your computer, you are recommended to use Perfect Uninstaller.

Features of Perfect Uninstaller:

  1. Uninstall any unwanted or corrupted program on your PC. 
  2. Forcibly uninstall corrupted programs that cannot be uninstalled from Windows Add/ Remove Programs. 
  3. Clean all registry entries and drivers that the programs left over. 
  4. Show detailed information of a certain program installed in your computer. 
  5. Back up PC system files whenever you boot PC to restore system easily once PC crashes. 

Manual Steps to Uninstall PerforMax Cleaner

On the Start menu (for Windows 8, right-click the screen's bottom-left corner), click Control Panel, and under Programs you can do one of the following:

Windows Vista/7/8: Click Uninstall a Program.
Windows XP: Click Add or Remove Programs.

When you find the program PerforMax Cleaner, click it and the click Uninstall/Remove

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